Corporate Food Program

Corporate Food Program

We deliver to companies in the late afternoon with our “Corporate Food Program” (for each employee that elects to choose the program).  It is a $35 share that is customized for each companies needs.

Imagine if your employer had a wellness program in which produce was recommended and prescribed? You’d probably sign-up, right? And it’d probably lead to a healthier and happier workplace. Imagine if all companies did the same thing? We’d probably cut obesity in half and finally get health care costs under control.

corporate food program

Employee sick days and missed days of work due to a sick child are sure to cost the businesses bottom line.

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Our Corporate Food Program is designed to help you feel as good as you can feel, improve your health, and protect your health—starting with what you eat and moving on to how you move, sleep, and manage stress. 

We believe that each individual has a unique path to a life-style of wellness. Good Organic Food is the start to great health. In fact, we do not believe in diets at all. If you are truly interested in being healthier for life, then try our natural process of eating organic produce, custom designed to meet your company’s needs.

Current diseases of our society are directly related to what we eat, our environment, our culture, our interpersonal lives, the way we think and feel, the stresses we experience and the way we react to them.  Not as much of our longevity and youthful looks is tied to genetics.  Not as much as you might think.

corporate food program

Our “Corporate Food Program” is about getting back to basics. It’s about self-care and self-awareness. Self-care is preventative medicine. A good corporate food program is essential to healthcare reform.  You can save money on healthcare costs if your employees are all healthy.  It just makes good sense!

Here is a perfect example of a simple right decision: You are hungry and there are fast choices to squelch your hunger.  you will eat unhealthy food if it is available, but, you will just as easily grab an organic apple or carrot if it is right there in front of you!

It’s about learning what you can do to take control of your own health and wellness. The great thing about self-care is that it has little or no cost associated with it. Just an investment in ourselves.

The USDA endorses organic corporate food programs

We can teach your employees not only the value of self-care but also how easy it is once a healthy foundation has been built.  And, the foundation always starts with how and what you eat.

To start an Organic Food Group for your Corporation contact Mr. Mark Reiman, VP Or have your Corporate Benefits Dept. contact us at 877-832-8289

Corporate Food Program Video

There are many successful companies that have a corporate food plan in place for many years.  Most have reported better overall employee health and Human Resource Departments have lower costs for hiring employess due to their food program and corporate benefits.

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