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  • Customize your dietary needs
  • Choose the weekly or bi-weekly option.
  • Choose your delivery option or we will find your pick up location.                            Become a Club Host with own pick up spot and get your box for FREE!
  • Pick up your box on your specified day and revel in your bountiful box of fresh organic produce. The best food buying Co-op in Florida.
  • Right now we are focusing on only organic fruits and vegetables.  In the future, we will add other products as requested by Members.

Being a member of My Organic Food Coop means much more than just sharing in the rewards and it is now worth more than ever.

When neighbors join and become a member, it means that they also become part of community with a true food democracy in the heart.

Our members have the opportunity to tell us what is important to them, and we listen to and act on their comments.

By working with our members we make changes for the better, guided by our values and principles, we encourage new ideas to tackle issues that are important to our members

Become a member of our Food Buying Co-op FL

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The first step to prevent GMO’s coming in contact with one’s food is to choose to buy organic. Despite the many misconceptions that going organic is “hard” or “more expensive,” educated consumers can make a healthy choice. There are many organic food clubs, even online, where one can purchase 100 percent organic.

One of those food clubs is My Organic Food My Organic Food Club is just one component of a growing movement for food education. They are a constant resource of safe organic foods to feed and nourish the body. They also are the solution to what thousands of doctors prescribe: a non-GMO diet which is not harmful to patient health.

The mission of these food clubs is to build a community from a network of organic delivery sites. Most food clubs offer weekly or bi-weekly pickup. Members can choose their delivery options or find an organic pick up location in their neighborhood. Those members who host a pick up site normally receive special benefits like free produce. This grassroots system builds a community culture where neighbors can visit one another and pick up produce at the same time.

Residents of south Florida have reveled in the quality of produce from these food clubs. One consumer shared her new experience about My Organic Food Club: “I was really very happy with the produce I received last shipment. I’m sorry I didn’t find you sooner.”

There are many testimonials from our other customers and they all sound similar.  The best part of what we do is making our loyal customers happy!

Buy Organic Produce

Buy Organic Produce, Florida!

Organic Food Club Introduction…Hello Neighbors!

There’s nothing simple about being a consumer today. No matter where we go, we face a seemingly endless number of product choices, all claiming to be “the best” for our health and our family’s well-being. How, then, can we be sure that the products we pick off the store shelves are really as good for us as they claim to be? The Organic Food Club Introduction will show you how!

Looking for organic products is a great way to start.

My Organic Food Club now supplies Florida families and individuals to buy organic food with certified organic seasonal produce priced below retail year round. We carefully plan our boxes with a wide variety of vegetables and fruits to offer you a diverse, seasonal cooking and eating adventure. We work directly with local farmers, buy organic food, and pack fruits and vegetables for you, and deliver to your neighborhood. We strive to offer the cleanest, freshest, tastiest varieties to buy organic food.  We invite you to buy organic food and experience the unmatched quality of our diverse organic produce offerings… Come Join My Organic Food Club today!

What is MOFC?

It is sometimes described as a vegetable co-op, a weekly box delivery, a vegetable of the week club, etc. To buy organic food, we refer to it (us), as a group of food and environment enthusiasts who want to make a difference – eat better, feel healthy, support our community, & help save our Planet! AND JUST HAVE FUN doing it!

MOFC is the membership-based business association for the organic industry in South Florida.

Buy Organic Food and Be Healthy!

Membership Benefits:

— Members receive an abundance and diversity of fruits and vegetables.

–100% USDA certified organic only! This is your assurance of high quality, nutritious, flavorful food produced in a system which does not compromise the farmers and the environment. It’s healthy for people and the Planet to buy organic food!

–the rainbow diet planed thoughtfully just for you-a carefully selected and seasonally balanced assortment of local fruits and veggies

–weekly or bi-weekly deliveries year round of the most fantastic organic produce we grow here, in Florida, and choice ripe selections from elsewhere in the USA.

–convenient… delivered to you, at home or office, or pick up from nearby you, whichever choice  is more convenient

–a newsletter of recipes, cooking tips, and farm news with each assortment/delivery

–weekly discussions (if you choose/you can unsubscribe anytime) and guidance with questions and answers …, help with meal planning (members can opt to receive an email forecasting the vegetables in each box)

–Birthday presents for a signed member

–a bonus share after one year of Member participation

–FREE promotional samples

–a free advertising of your business on MOFC website.

–full support and substitution requests….We listen to our members, and we’ve crafted our offerings around your suggestions.

We are dedicated to organic farming and believe strongly that it produces the highest quality, best tasting food while protecting the quality of our water supply and wildlife.

Benefits to Buy Organic Food Through MOFC:

The benefits of the MOFC food system are many:

— receive 100% USDA certified organic produce for half the price you’d buy organic food at the supermarkets…and it’s delivered straight to your door!

–always fresh, delicious, packed with minerals and nutrition’s

— our professional Nutritionists will help you to manage your dietary needs and perfectly balance your meals with a variety of fresh, seasonal, & local produce.  Your suggestions are always encouraged!

— find easy guidance to help start or improve your Healthy Eating Plan

–try new recipes and cooking tips to make your cooking experience fun

–enrich your diet with new and different healthy choices

— help to maintain a Healthy Eating Home and Work Environment

–save time, gas, money and enjoy your delicious bounty with your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers!

–supports local growers, and help build a strong country & economy

— help promote local job growth and strengthen our community

Belonging to My Organic Food Club benefits you, your family, the local economy, and the environment!

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Organic Food Club Introduction
Join My Organic Food Club!

“Healthy Living for you, for me, for our kids, and for the future of our Planet!”

What is a Buying Club?

A buying club is a group of people who share a common goal – to save money on quality healthy foods. By pooling our resources, we create greater purchasing power to buy organic food at drastically discounted prices. Our buying club reaps the benefits of our talented and caring members. Each of us plays an important role in our success. We work together to save time and money. Instead of shopping individually, we combine our ordering power to get better prices, selection, and quality. We are primarily an Organic Fruit and Vegetable Buying Club focusing on local organics, but we are able to get other items as part of our group, making it more affordable to buy organic food products over pesticide-laden conventional items every day. Our Buying Club is a great way to meet others in our community who share our interest in healthful living. We meet and share information, articles, and recipes. We become friends who can support one another and offer advice. We are food lovers that cherish wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables, We care about our green living, our planet and our future. We decrease our footprint when we source directly. We are also able to get harder to find and more unique items of interest to our group. We are proud to support organic farming practices and local farmers that promote ecological harmony and environmental responsibility. Each delivery, Weekly, or Bi-weekly, contains a varies assortment of every fruit and vegetable you could want. It’s fast, easy, convenient, delicious, and only $60 for a share! JOIN THE CLUB NOW!

How does a co-op differ from a buying club?

Like a buying club, a cooperative is a group of people that cooperate in to save money, when we buy organic food, however, co-operatives are usually bigger stores where members can shop at discounted prices instead of buying directly. Co-operatives are member-owned and offer an option to the traditional grocery store.

What areas does your buying club cover?

You can order through us if you are anywhere in the Southeast. We are having new groups start up throughout Florida, Georgia, & South Carolina to save money when you buy organic food!