Community Supported Agriculture

CSA meaning Community Supported Agriculture, is the best way to shop for organic food.  It’s as local and seasonal as possible and the food is the freshest available.  Most of the produce available at the grocery store is non-organic and usually irradiated.  The CSA produce is from local farms grown in local earth.  The organic soil is the most important ingredient for the foods.  No pesticides are sprayed on the food and the seeds are organic non-GMO certified.  What that means to you is more important to your good health than excise!  This should answer the question: What is the meaning of CSA?

Our CSA doesn’t require a membership.  Most farms require a long term commitment.  In Florida, our season is very long.  Especially for produce like mango, avocado, lemons, kale, etc.  But the best part of our farm is the varied assortment.  We offere 17 organic produce items YEAR ROUND!   However, we don’t make you subscribe to our farms havest for the whole season. You may come and go as you choose.  Our membership is cancellable after only 1 week!  This should answer the question: What is a CSA membership?

The CSA Box consists of 17 Local Harvest Organic items: 3 leafy greens, like lettuce, kale and spinach; 4 or 5 fruits like apples, banannas, peaches & pears; and a lot of wholesome vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, cauliflower, etc; and usually 1 or 2 berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.  It’s Fruitful Field of food you’ve always wanted.  There isn’t a CSA Brochure, and how to choose a csa isn’t easy, but we post the produce list on the website weekly. There’s a Hungry Harvest Farm Picked For You with a CSA delivery near me.

How to choose a CSA

Too many farms offer their CSA’s with a long term commitment to their growing season.  The problem with this is you wind up getting an abundance of what they grow.  So, if you’re tired of kale or zucchini, your going to keep getting those items over and over again.  Also, the selection is usually limited to an abundance of just a few items.  Who needs 30 pounds of potatoes every week?

Choosing the right CSA is always best when the club has a large selection of fruits and vegetables.  We offer 17 different organic produce items every week.  But, you can order evey other week so you have plenty of time to consume everything.

Also, you can cancel your CSA at any time and you can jump back in anytime too.  So, if you travel, or go on a vacation, simply pause your share of the farms produce delivery and resume at your convenience.  It’s the best of both worlds!

To learn more about CSA information, learn the CSA definition or find a CSA near you we’ve supplied this government link: Community Supported Agriculture | Alternative Farming Systems …

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