Macrobiotic Biblical Diet

Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Biblical Diet

Macrobiotic Biblical Diet

Macrobiotic Biblical Diet and the original way to nourish yourself are recorded early as referenced herewith.  The Vegan diet and many other popular diets follow the early principles found in the Bible:

Macrobiotics and the Bible

Macrobiotics and Biblical Diet precepts regarding nutrition have a lot more in common than many people may realize. Discover the many similarities between Macrobiotic dietary advice and the ancient teachings of the Bible.

This discovery suggests that the teachings of the Bible and Macrobiotics are both based on universal truths.  If this is true, then each supports the validity of the other.  This is truly Good News, being that the Bible is such a highly-respected and authoritative text for so many millions of people around the world.

JohnGod’s dietary instructions to humanity, preserved through

At the beginning of the Bible, in the 1st Chapter of Genesis, God proclaims to Adam and Eve, the first humans: millennia at great cost of human life and the lives of its untold prophets, sages and martyrs, as well as Jesus Himself, are also reflected in the more detailed exposition of these eternal truths by modern Macrobiotics.

Macrobiotic biblical diet scrolls


the last supper

scripts_scrolls third

scripts_scrolls fourthAfter reading the scripts, this lesson is particularly important in today’s world, with its vast array of sensorially-appealing foods, many of which are not best for health. 

Jesus diet

We should still try to follow what God originally told us to eat, because after all, God is our designer, and He should know better than anyone what food will enable the bodies He created to function optimally, just as automobile manufacturers know best what fuel is correct for each vehicle they manufacture.

Perhaps God did not want to make diet a stumbling block to life, so when He saw His people were not adhering to His original dietary instructions, he loosened them up a bit, realizing that loving Him was more important than making a big issue out of what we eat or do not eat, etc.

We attempt to follow this concept in our family – we try to raise our children on a healthful Macrobiotic diet, but the daily reality is that children are surrounded by temptations of many types of marginally-nutritious foods and beverages.  As  parents, we relaxed the stricter Macrobiotic rules so that diet will not become too big an issue and block us from nurturing what is really important – their relationship with their Creator, their family and friends.

Being raised Macrobiotically, our children have a reference from which they may deviate from time to time, yet they don’t forget what constitutes a healthy diet.  When they sense they have strayed too far, they return to what they know is healthful; that is, what we have served them at home before and since they were born.

Perhaps this is the message we should try to understand: God’s original instructions remain the best way to eat, but knowing humans only too well – that they easily stray from what is proper and correct, He made allowances for human deviation because if He had insisted on strict adherence, few would come to understand His love for us.  The original cause of human decline was dietary, but we can restore ourselves to health and the original quality of life God built into our DNA over time by returning to the principles explained in the Bible and in the Macrobiotic teachings.

We should try to follow God’s guidance in dietary matters and eat as healthfully as possible.  That would be a diet built around whole grains (the way God made them), seeds, beans and other legumes (“pulses”) as Daniel wisely chose, with “herbs of the field” – i.e., vegetables — as the mainstays of our diet.  Whatever else we then choose except for mammal meat, can be balanced by careful selection and preparation.  This is the same advice Macrobiotics offers.

“It is my hope that, by writing this article, Macrobiotics can now be seen by the churches as a system that is in accord with Biblical principles, and as such, can help many Christian families, as well as anyone of any faith; to enjoy healthy, active, faith-filled lives as our Creator originally intended us all to live.”

Regarding whether Macrobiotic dialectics of Yin/Yang is Biblical, one need simply refer to Jesus’ parable about the seed dying so that it may live, and relate that to one of George Ohsawa’s favorite sayings: “From one grain, ten thousand.”

Dialectics is the study of the cycles of nature, and how to harmonize our lives with these natural cycles.  Jesus often referred to the cycles of life apparent during the time He lived as physical examples of the higher spiritual life.  Just as a grain must die in the earth to be reborn into a greater, more abundant life, so we must constantly sow the seeds of His righteousness in our bodies, minds and spirits to inherit the greater, eternal life.

There is a divinity in the bread that is the body of Christ, the greater, spiritual life.  There is a divinity or holiness in the bread of life which God gave us to nourish ourselves so that we may partake of the Infinite life.  This bread is physical as well as spiritual.  We need to join the two as one in order to fulfill the plan that our Creator set forth for us at the very dawn of His creation.

jesus eating good food

As Jesus said, “When you make the two into one,… then you will enter [the kingdom].” (Gospel of Thomas, verse 22)

As Macrobiotics says, “Until we dissolve all dualism within ourselves and in our lives, we will not know the true life of eternal freedom, robust health and infinite happiness.”

According to one dietician, Don Colbert MD.  in his Ultimate Program for eating well, feeling great, and living longer. He puts the life of Jesus under a microscope and takes a birds eye view at foods mentioned in the Bible.

Dr. Colbert states, “If you truly want to follow Jesus in every area of your life, you cannot ignore your eating habits”. He outlines a program based on natural foods and Jewish dietary traditions that will not only improve your health but will also help you to examine the spiritual aspects of your diet and the advantages of organic food.

Jesus ate a Mediterranean-style diet, based on wholesome, unprocessed foods in accordance with ancient Jewish dietary laws…everything was organic!


The diet of Jesus would have included fish, whole wheat bread, olives, figs, dates and red wine.

Take some time and decide for yourself what God intended for you, what’s really right, not what you justify in your own mind based on the current world around you.  Think about what Jesus did, why he did what he did and how he followed his Fathers’ instruction. Look at some of these videos and feel in your heart what God is telling you.

Are you sure we’re supposed to eat all the animals?

One thing that’s guaranteed, God did not intend for Man to eat Genetically Modified Food. And, why would He like the idea of spraying poison on the food before consuming it?

Man is not smarter than God.  How can Man ever think that he can modify God’s perfect gifts and possibly make them better?  Like John, be organic…


Macrobiotic Diet & Biblical Diet Videos

Judiasm and Vegetarianism Documentary

This is a very long video, extremely informative about Isreal, and recommended viewing for everyone.  It is especially important for those planning a trip to Isreal, or anyone that is interested in our planet and how humans interact with our environment; millions of our worlds’ species; and, the many races, cultures, nations and governments.

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