Organic Eggs and Chickens

Organic Eggs and Chickens

Hippy Hens Organic Free Range Eggs
Hippie Hens Organic Free Range Eggs


Tie-dyed hens? No, our organic eggs and chickens are on a back-to-earth movement!

Our Cage Free organic eggs and chickens are Free Range, Free Roaming and Locally Produced “happy hens” who have access to grass and sunshine and fresh air on our farm right outside of Orlando, Florida.

Our chickens eat only wholesome grains that include Corn, soybeans, wheat, millet, and various multi-grains, oyster shells (for natural calcium & minerals) and all the fresh well water they want. There are NO Growth Hormones, NO Antibiotics, or Chemicals around or given to our Hippie Hens. They’re smart, and they know what they like.  They have everything the earth could possible provide them.

These are our pets, and we don’t offer chickens for sale.  Our hens are happy & hip…hence, “Hippie Hens!”

Enjoy the Earths’ best egg choice, because, “Hippie Hens” lay better eggs!


Hippy Hens Organic Free Range Eggsand chickens
Hippie Hens Organic Free Range White Eggs

Organic feed is grown by certified organic farmers. To become a certified organic farmer, the crop must be free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The crop must be free of GMOs and synthetic fertilization for three years before it can be certified for organic usage. If the crop is contaminated by cross-fertilization, the crop is rendered useless for organic grading. Finally, there can be no animal by-products fed to the poultry.

Mistreatment of the chickens could potentially lead a farmer to losing their organic certification. Thus some of the arguments from animal activist organizations that egg production is cruel and inhumane does not apply to our organic raised hens. Our standards are high and we still allow beak trimming as a means to lessen injury to the birds.

Organic Free Range Eggs

Organic hens are fed organic feed; it is prohibited to feed animal byproducts or GMO crops – which is not disallowed in free range environments; no antibiotics allowed except in emergencies (in free range, it is up to the farmer, but the same levels of antibiotics as conventional farming is allowed); required animal welfare standards in organic farms, which can improve the quality of both the eggs and the meat – low stress levels lead to superior quality of animal products.

Organic Eggs and Chickens

Organic Eggs and Chickens

Many of the low-end brands are the ones most easily available to consumers. Whole Foods’ 365 brand, Trader Joe’s brand, O Organic by Safeway, and Costco’s Kirkland brand all received the lowest rating for their sub-par performance.

Organic egg producers vary greatly in their interpretation of the Federal USDA Organic Standards, “The organic-egg-producing community interprets rules differently: One affords more outdoor access and more diversity on the farm; and another promotes large-scale industrialization motivated by profit.”

Organic standards require that laying hens have access to the outdoors and direct sunlight. Industrial-scale producers confined thousands of hens inside hen houses with the only outdoor access being a small wooden or concrete porch. Some provided no outdoor access at all, using veterinarian statements which claimed potential risk of disease as justification for keeping hens indoors (so, they cheated).

While only a few companies in number, industrial scale producers make up 80 percent of all organic eggs produced and thus their production method prevails as the majority. However their system does not account for the diversity of approaches within the organic egg business.

On the other end of the spectrum are pasture-based organic farms, with either fixed housing (which provides adequate access to surrounding pasture) or rotational coops (that move within the pasture so that hens may graze and the soil is fertilized for future vegetation).

Advocates of these pasture-raised systems think that giving hens the ability to play out their natural behavior and thus forage, scratch, run, flap their wings, and obtain some or all of their diet from grass and insects, is essential to a hen’s overall preventative health as well as the quality of the end egg product. That’s us!

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Free Range Chickens

raising free range chickens

We have about 900 local free range layers raised on a 12 acre pasture enclosed with a fence to keep the predators out.  They always have access to free range grass pastures. All of our chickens are naturally raised without pesticides hormones, steroids, or antibiotics and especially no confinement!

Ninety percent of their diet consists of pecking and scratching. The remaining ten percent of their diet is supplemented with locally milled feed. We place fresh oyster shells in the fields to add natural calcium to their diet. We care for our chickens and raise them naturally, with a clean and healthy lifestyle.  Once you try them you’ll agree, it’s the best chicken in Florida.

Organic Eggs and Chickens Video

We employ similar technics at our chicken farm.  Watch the video to learn more about organic eggs and chickens.

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